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Helping Prepare Your Children for School Life

At Learning Tree Apollo in Rosedale, we are proud to be part of your child’s journey on their way to that all-important first day at school. Every child at our Rosedale childcare centre moves and grows at a unique rate, […]

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Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Children

Kids start developing their eating habits at a very young age. The taste of crunchy, sweet or salty foods is attractive to all of us but if you start promoting healthy eating habits at an early age, your kids will […]


Reducing anxiety and supporting your child’s enrolment journey in 2022

After spending over 100 days in lockdown during 2021, we completely understand that the thought of enrolling your little one into an Early Childhood centre may create feelings of uncertainty and anxiety for both you and your child, we want [...]

How to Address Big Topics with Little Kids

It’s been a challenging year, with a lot of significant changes for parents and children alike. But a global pandemic isn’t the only big topic in a lot of people’s lives – you may have brought a new child into [...]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Childcare Centre

Whether it was a matter of months or years, your child was largely with you for the first part of their life – and now it’s someone else’s turn! It’s a big decision, selecting a childcare centre in Rosedale for [...]
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Tips for Overcoming Kids Food Pickiness & Sensitivity

Eating. It's like breathing - something we do constantly without thinking about it. So new parents are often surprised to know that eating well actually requires many different skills that kids have to learn. Don't panic if your child is [...]
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Five Tips to Enjoy Messy Play at Home

Messy play is a wonderful thing. It’s fun and educational, introducing babies to new textures, enhancing toddlers’ fine motor skills and fostering preschoolers’ imagination. But it’s also fairly…messy! While childcare centres are well equipped for such a mess, your home might not [...]

The First 5 Years of Learning in Early Childhood Education

The first five years of a child's life are incredibly significant and influential, not just for their development but also for ensuring children are supported to land on the right pathway for future success. Simple experiences that you see happen [...]