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Helping Prepare Your Children for School Life

At Learning Tree Apollo in Rosedale, we are proud to be part of your child’s journey on their way to that all-important first day at school. Every child at our Rosedale childcare centre moves and grows at a unique rate, and we are here to help all our tamariki develop the confidence they need to enjoy the transition from preschool to primary school. When little feet are getting ready to take big steps, it helps to have a few practical skills under their belt that will ensure they have a good experience when they hit that significant milestone.

Suited and Booted

A big part of learning to take care of our own needs is being able to get dressed in appropriate clothing without someone helping. Getting your tamariki up to speed on popping on their own coat and shoes before they move from one place to another is going to give them a boost of independence – and it will also save you valuable time. When choosing a coat for the colder months for your child, think about picking something with a fastener built for little hands.

Zip Zap

Selecting a coat with a chunkier zip or more oversized buttons can be really helpful to start your daycare kid off on the journey to taking care of their outer layer when you leave the house in the morning. If they can have a crack at the buttons and zips without getting really frustrated and giving up, the task ahead may be a little easier. At our Rosedale childcare, we recommend you tackle these tricky tasks when there is no ticking clock. Set aside a little time across the weekend and make sure everyone is happy and fed before you start.

Buddy Up

A great way to make learning to zip or button your own clothes is to do it with a friend. Perhaps a sibling or a Learning Tree Apollo Drive friend can get on board with teaching your tamariki to button up or zip-up, and if both children are learning. They may just turn out to be their own best teachers. The important thing is to stop before anyone loses their cool, and if one way is not producing results, try something new or take a break.

Whatever we can do to help your child prepare for school is our pleasure. Talk to one of our friendly staff at Learning Tree Apollo Drive about any concerns you may have about preparing for school – together, we are stronger.