Kauri (4-5 Years)

In our Kauri room tamariki are preparing for primary school. Tamariki are provided a variety of learning experiences to learn and develop their physical, emotional, and social skills. Our Kaiako work closely with parents/whānau to support their learning journey and outcomes and we value parent’s aspiration. When your child starts in the Kauri room, they are gifted with a book bag, for our reading and writing program. Each child has the opportunity to choose a book to bring home to read with their parents each day.


We are passionate about providing a safe, secure, thoughtful, inclusive, caring and responsive learning environment for all our tamariki.

In the Kauri room learning is supported by positive responses to interests, strengths, capabilities, and dispositions.  The environment is well resourced and provides challenges and support for preschooler’s widening interests and the development of key social competencies. Our transition to school programme is based on the belief that children are independent thinkers and learners. We support children with basic literacy and numeracy skills for school, that will aid them when moving onto school.



We encourage 3 settling visits, approximately 1 week before your child’s start date to ensure a smooth and settled transition for both you and your child. We welcome parents to stay for the first visit. Our Kaiako will talk with you about the best settling plan for your little one.


We welcome daily face-to-face catch ups about your child’s day at drop off and pick up time. Our main platform we use is Storypark, to share photos, videos and audio of your child’s development so you never miss out on those special moments.  Storypark also offer a handy mobile app so can have updates right to your smartphone.