Kowhai (2-2.5 Years)

In Kowhai, we recognize the magic and wonder children encounter on their learning journeys and have a shared understanding of how to support and extend their interests while maintaining a sense of joy. We believe all children are capable of being independent in their own ways, we provide an atmosphere where they can grow in confidence and freely explore new experiences.


In our Kowhai environment we focus more on self help skills and building confidence and independence. We know each child is capable in their own way and we encourage them to try new things. Our resources covers all the areas of play and encourages children of this age group to freely explore their individual interests. The outdoor playground is unique and challenging for children age to explore confidently.


We encourage 3 settling visits, approximately 1 week before your child’s start date to ensure a smooth and settled transition for both you and your child. We welcome parents to stay for the first visit. Our Kaiako will talk with you about the best settling plan for your little one.



We welcome daily face-to-face catch ups about your child’s day at drop off and pick up time. Our main platform we use is Storypark, to share photos, videos and audio of your child’s development so you never miss out on those special moments.  Storypark also offer a handy mobile app so can have updates right to your smartphone.