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Tips for Overcoming Kids Food Pickiness & Sensitivity

Eating. It’s like breathing – something we do constantly without thinking about it. So new parents are often surprised to know that eating well actually requires many different skills that kids have to learn.

Don’t panic if your child is picky and doesn’t like trying new foods. The key is to introduce change slowly and be patient. There’s plenty of time for your kids to grow into being healthy eaters but it’s important we show them how.

Firstly, it may sound obvious but waiting until your child has built up an appetite can be a good approach. Toddlers are a lot more open to trying new foods when they have a healthy appetite.

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Another good way to work on overcoming any food issues is to start with food your child already loves. You can successfully de-sensitize kids to different food textures by introducing their favourite food to them in different ways. Try using different shapes and sizes or a different consistency.

You can expand on this idea by preparing other foods they don’t know well so they look the same as one of their favourite meals. Also, when you’re introducing a new food, it can help relax the situation to include a food that you know your child enjoys eating. Having something familiar on the plate can reassure a toddler that it’s safe to try a little taste of something new. It won’t be long before their eating habits expand and food issues are forgotten.